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Originally Posted by NovelsRus
Salaams, Ibrahiim,

What an incredible coincidence -- you advised use of toothbrush and paste, which is precisely what I stumbled upon myself, just yesterday. Great minds thinking alike, etc.

Actually dug out a lot of the broken resin, then heated the back of the blade red-hot over a fire in my ashtray, jammed the back of the blade into the remaining resin and -- viola! It seated itself!

To be safe, I did line the new seal with epoxy, let it cure for a day, then drilled it down far enough so the hilt could fit onto the scabbard (which is sparkling cleaning and brand spanking new, thanks to the ol' toothbrush - n - silver cream polish treatment!)

Result? The little khanjar shines, is functional and beautiful. Even though the seller offered to refund our purchase price, I chose to keep it and repair it. Now my wife no longer gives me The know the one.

Only problem now is, where to hang it? (Please see pics attached)

* Above the big Scimitar?
* Above the Koummyas?
* Or leave it in its current spot?
* Right below the flag from my father's coffin (WWII Vet)?

And HOW to hang it on a wall without damaging the khanjar or the belt? Hmmmm.... Any ideas greatly appreciated.

All best,

Salaams NovelsRus ~ I think it looks great exactly where it is.
Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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