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Default Three-barreled Revolving Matchlock Arquebuses, ca. 1530-40

1. Northern Italy (Brescia?), ca. 1530-40; Museo Luigi Marzoli, Brescia; the long tiller trigger inadequately pointing in the direction of the muzzle instead of to the rear, the original sighting tubes missing from the small double rear sights.

2. Northern Italy, ca. 1530-40; Musée de l'Armée, Paris; no provision for a trigger guard.

3. A short revolving matchlock arquebus or pistol, Northern Italy (Brescia?), 1530's-40; Doges Palace, Venice; no provision for a trigger guard.

4. A detached barrel bundle of three, comprising a provision for a ramrod, of the same type of arquebus/pistol as before, Northern Italy, 1530's-40; Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, reserve collection; author's photos.

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