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Originally Posted by broadaxe
Lat one isn't a messer, it's a hand-and-a-half saber in the swiss tradition. Hilt construction is of the sword type. Very famous, but not in Cluny, in Musee de l'armee.

it is also no saber!
saber; follow the definition of Heribert Seitz Blankwaffen p183.
the word saber has a magyaric origin szablya , Servian and russian sablja , french and english sabre, spanish sable italian sciabla . The saber is a weapon that is worn on the side, with long curved blade and asymmetrical, often slightly forward bent handle/grip.
the curvature of the saber offers an extension of the cutting edge and is for a combined blow and cutting function created.

The weapon under discussion has no curved blade and is therefor according to the definition of Seitz but also others fe JP Puype no saber!

further is the hilt construction also not of a sword type, because each sword has a pommel.This is necessary in order to be a sword and not another weapon.

It is a further development of the Falchion type and forerunner of the Messer.

In the swiss tradition? can you please explain what you mean with this?
Do you know Swiss art with this weapon depicted or similar Swiss weapons?

Indeed, the weapon is located in the musée lármee, my apologies.
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