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Hi Christek,
As has been pointed out, on these forums we focus on genuine historical weapons though we do occasionally see reproductions which are crafted quite faithfully to the originals. These are typically heavily researched and our attention to the historical details of course coincides well.

As your inquiry was so courteously and thoughtfully placed it seemed clear that in this same light, your sincere interest in the actual weapons thought to be represented in these items made it seem that response was well warranted.

As you already know, these swords are reproductions, with the exception of the middle one which appears to be a European cavalry sabre of early to mid 19th century, the exact type unclear but perhaps Prussian.

The other two are reproductions of most likely French types of sabre, however they seem somewhat fancifully interpreted and as far as I know do not correspond with one particular form. Obviously made in India, these are commercially produced in areas of Rajasthan and it would be difficult to establish which commercial entity mass produces these, whether entirely or components alone.

The US M1840 was in fact a design taken from the French M1822 sabre, and the first examples were actually produced in Solingen for the US. These are readily found with dealers and in auctions with prices varied according to certain details among them, some can be reasonably priced while there are rarer examples, which fetch remarkable prices. I would suggest contacting one of us privately for further details if you do seek a genuine M1840, and we will be glad to help. These have outstanding history, and we would be delighted to see one on these pages!
Attached is genuine "old wristbreaker".

All the best,
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