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Default Reproduced Light Cavalry sabre, pattern 1840??

I thought I would ask if this is a (reproduced) Light Cavalry sabre, pattern 1840. I purchased this sword, only knowing it is a reproduction built before 1990. Besides that, I know very little about it. After some research, the closest sword this resembles appears to be the pattern 1840 sabre. It would appear obvious that this was made in India, but by who and where? (The only mark is the 'India' on the blade; shown in pic) I wonder if that is even possible to tell on a reproduction. The sword feels like its well-made and 'combat ready' but how can one really tell? I am almost certain itís not stainless steel, and it appears like it would have been quite sharp in its day. Sorry for posting a reproduction, but I am using this sabre to learn about its historical counterpart and the fact some reproductions are more collectable than others. Regards.

In any case I love the design and I am currently searching for a genuine pattern 1840!

Here are some pics of three sabres; the Indian made sword (top) and what I believe is a genuine pattern 1840 (bottom) and a similar US cavalry sabre (middle):
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