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Originally Posted by Lew
Rhino for sure outer layer has that orange peel look.




The lack of translucency does not mean its not rhino. It depends on how the piece was cut. I have an old Yemeni jambiya and the horn is dark brown the real test is get a high power flashlight and put up against the hilt it should give off a nice glow. The other way to tell is with a magnifier glass look down at the end of the hilt if you see tight fibrous bundles similar to looking down at a handful of thin spaghetti than it's rhino .


Salaams Lew ~ The spaghetti end of the hilt is an excellent description. I agree with the glowlight approach with a high powered pen torch it often lights up the edges. In this case there is a lot of oil and grime locked in the material so not sure if it will penetrate...but worth a go.
To confuse the issue in Oman Rhino horn is called Z'raff and there is "apparently" a Giraffe hoof horn used for daggers in neighbouring countries.
Your initial response that the item is a mixed Oman/Yemen job is probably right. It looks like a recently traded in article and procured in the Kuwait market. I point to Salalah/Yemen as its area of use in one of the Jebali tribes that straddle the border but Muscat as its point of manufacture either a Muscat 8 Ringer or Royal Khanjar with a distinctly "foreign blade" (three dot) replacement. Quite a detective story.
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