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Originally Posted by spiral
Bonjure Ibrahim!

Yes I agree that with a sharp edge & very bright light even inner core of rhino with heavy melanin & calcium deposits can have a 1mm of translucency. This is harder on very rounded surfaces of course.

Also this is not a black core but does have years of dirt without the care of oiling, which also promotes the translucency, hence it being more common with age.

One of my points was, identyfying horn by burning as well as bieng destructive doesnt rule out other horn types, they all smell of burning hair.

Beneath the years of dirt no oiling it may be translucent & indeed if set on fire.

But the clear formation structure of this jambiya grip, is rhino horn, I grew up in a family working at importing timber world wide, we had boxes of recognition keys for identyfying timber end grain under magnification. I recognise that this is no timber & the only horn with fiberous orange peel effect on the cross cut end grain is rhino!

Simple realy...


Salaams spiral ... I knew that and joking apart... I would like to see the basic tests done to determine the material. It would be quite rare to have a Royal Khanjar hilt in Rhino simply because the entire thing is usually covered in decorative filigree silver. On the other hand it tends to swerve the debate toward the Muscat 8 Ringer ~ What it is exactly; I have to say I don't know.
However I think, now, looking at it with magnification you are right ! Rhino. That marks it up about 1000% for quality.
The exact provenance is still a puzzle....

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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