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Originally Posted by spiral
It is.....

Actualy Ibrahiim your hot pin method would only show it is horn not timber.

{Assuming the "pin" is a needle with enough residual heat to actualy burn the horn or timber enough to not only leave a permanent scar but but also to raise the fumes.}

Scientificaly one generaly uses ones eyes to percieve the structure of both horn & timber under magnification to identify them.


Salaams spiral ~ Yes I agree however there is another sense which one can employ...that of the sense of smell and as you probably know Rhino gives off a burnt hair aroma... wood smells like burning wood. One of the other tests using ones scientifically perceived eyes is the light test with a bright light to view the translucent effect particularly in aged Rhino which is usually dramatic in the peripherary of the test item.
I still hope we are looking at an old Rhino example.
Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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