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Originally Posted by kahnjar1
Nice piece Lofty. The handle has the bottom silver missing but I'm sure that you should be able to do something about that. The arrangement of the rings looks original as the silver wire linking them does not appear loose. My guess is definately not Omani as there is no typical scroll decoration. I would guess at either Saudi or Yemeni but from the proximity of the Omani border.
As far as the blade is concerned, if there is not rust, just a light rub with an oiled cloth so as not to remove the patina.

Salaams kahnjar1 and A.alnakkas ~ This is one of the most odd looking khanjars I have ever seen. The blade is from where? possibly Syrian? It could be a Bedouin Omani dagger (It certainly looks Omani ~ Not all Omani daggers have scroll work.) I therefor point to beni Rashid or Murrah Bedouin/ Jebali grouping. The Murra movement box touches Oman and reaches as far as Syria. The silver on the top of the hilt comprising a decorated button with 3 floral pointers or leaves would be repeated in the base of the hilt, facing the opposite direction, The supporting pins are there but it is missing.
Note the peculiar wire ring in amongst the body of rings ~ Is this a replacement for the eighth ring? In which case is this, perhaps, a Muscat 8 ringer? If so the hilt has been modified and rounded...perhaps.

It is old ... and I am surprised that it is Rhino but the hot pin test would prove it. There does not seem to be any translucency therefor I point to wood but if it is Rhino it is a bonus.

One other point~ There is actually no such thing as an area or district in Saudia Arabia close to the Oman border exhibiting artefacts etc or vica versa... only sand. No settlements or towns or ancient villages... Have a look at google earth to dispel this myth. The closest cousin to the Omani royal khanjar is in the Jazan region which was in Yemen on the Red Sea but about 100 years ago was integrated into Saudia ... Sea trade probably took the Royal Omani Khanjar design in that direction from Muscat in "about the mid 19th C". after its design by Sheherezad wife of the Omani Sultan.

I believe this Khanjar is originally Omani (either a royal khanjar or a Muscat Khanjar) adopted by a bedouin owner therefor with a lot of plus and minus about it over the years... not least the blade. This Khanjar could have surfaced in Salalah

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.

Notes For an account of the Murrah see; Nomads of the Nomads: The Al Murrah Bedouin of the Empty Quarter [Paperback]
Donald P. Cole.
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