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Top to bottom:

- close up of a bundle of matchcord in the Veste Coburg collecctions (1)

- bundles of matchcord, and early 17th c. musketeers's bandoliers from the Emden Armory, each with an extra length of matchcord; author's colln. (2)

- thick type of earliest matchcord carrried in the hand: Diebold Schilling, Berne Chronicle, 1483 (2)

- thick matchcord for igniting a piece of tinder, carried wound around the arm or the arquebus: tapestries of the Battle of Pavia, 1525, Museo di Capodimonte, Naples (2)

- matchcord wound around a tinderlock arquebus, the serpentine way too tiny and delicate to actually receive the match: tapestry of Charles V's Conquest of Tunis, 1535, Madrid (1)

- earliest known surviving, thick type of matchcord, of rather soft consistency, 15th/16th c.; from Schloss Fronsberg, Styria/Austria; author's colln. (1)
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