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Originally Posted by Lew
Just finished on eBay but I forgot to bid . Looks like the hilt is wood the whole packacge seems a mix of Yemen and or Omani ?

Salaams Lew, Interesting potential mixture with what looks like a 7 ringer Omani to me ~ with an odd blade ~ that could be Indian. I think the blade has some quality to it. The scabbard and dagger are, it seeems, matched going by the silverwork. It could be a Royal Khanjar (sa'idiyyah khanjar) but with much of the usual silver adornment gone from the hilt. See my thread "The Omani Khanjar" to compare the hilt of a Royal Khanjar . The belt is a simple jebali or bedu work belt. The Khanjar could be a Salalah job or at least used there for a few decades...
The dotted blade could be wootz and perhaps worth polishing.
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