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Default Kukri/khukuri

Some kukri/khukuri. Here's what I know about them:

#1 has diamond-shaped bone(?) inlays on grip. Estimated as 1910s or 1920s.

#2 is small. Bolster appear integral, but it's welded on. I think it's fairly recent.

#3 has a bone(?) grip. Doesn't appear to be very old, but it isn't very new either. The scabbard appears to be covered in rawhide rather than leather.

#4 has a multicoloured grip. Estimated as WW2. Stamped "Tempered Steel Made in India".

#5 has a carved horn grip. Estimated as 20th century, pre-WW2.

#6 looks modern to me. Supposed to be a tourist purchase in Nepal, 1990s.

#7 is Indian. I got this new during the 1980s, so isn't much older than that. No bolster. This was my main camp knife/hatchet for many years.

#8 is Indian and modern. This is the Windlass Assam Rifles kukri.

#9 is modern, I think from Nepal. A monstrous 1.55kg. Oddly, it seems more unwieldy in hand than 1.6kg swords. An illusion of expectation?
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