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Default More from the AMNH: Tlingit armor and clubs

My cousins were somewhat sniffy about the Northwest Indian exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. It is darkly lit, a bit dusty, and (as I understand it) the oldest hall in the museum. Not a place that really shows off New York all that well.

In other words, just the place to find something interesting. I've never seen some of these arms and armor before, so I'm just as happy that most people go for the more brightly lit halls.

Below, I've posted the pieces that surprised me the most:
--Tlingit armor, including the helmet. I've long had a soft spot for those crazy wooden Tlingit helmets, so seeing them was fun. I was surprised by the armor below, made of chinese coins sewn on leather. Evidently this is a post-contact piece.

--Tlingit weapons. Daggers, check. Slave-killing picks. Check. Big sword-shaped clubs, one of whalebone? Copper club with a toothed edge? A solid stone hand maul? These were new to me. These last two are at the bottom. That pole going across is a really neat spear with an iron head and a killer whale tail that proved impossible to photograph in one image.

Yes, the AMNH is definitely a fun place to visit.

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