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Originally Posted by Jean-Marc S.
You are super Michael

Thanks, J.-M.,

All I hope I to be though is what I expect anybody to be who claims to be really 'good' on his expert field - provided that he virtually did NOTHING but STUDY and COLLECT a STRICTLY CONFINED RANGE of arms for more than a quarter of a century - meaning that he owns (and commands!!!) a library containing more than 3,000 related books and catalogs - plus a phototheque taken by himself in museums all over, in private collections and auction previews.

I do.

And believe me: competent expertise can't be achieved otherwise.
Definitely not in a just couple of years - and not by spending money either.

Though it no doubt comes down to money in the end.
Good money is way too often spent on rubbish, believe me. There are members here on our forum who have consequently done this - just because they believe to be 'good' themselves and got used to trust so-called self-proclaimed 'skilled' scoundrels, dealers and collectors alike - which of course actually have been busy making big money fooling people for four decades!

When stating this I am especially talking about Southern Germany, and some special person who attended my collection but still continues believing he can cover 'the full Late-Medieval range' of all kinds of A&A, just trusting in his own 'knowing', and that of a bunch of the above-said professional crooks.

Summarizing what I have been trying to explain: it is just as sad as it is true. Just the same old story got to be told all over again hoping somebody's finally gonna listen and care. Guess it was Kris Kristofferson who said that in one of his early 70's songs.

On the other hand, I have up trying to be somebody else's teacher long ago. Seems like anybody got to make (and pay for) experiences of his own, sad as they may be - and mostly prove to be.

Whenever confronted with a serious query I feel I can clear with sufficient expertise I will try.

and good night from Lower Bavaria to wherever you are,

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