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Please see also

Here are samples of quilted grape, dated to the 16th-17th c. although it sems that they were identically made for centuries.

The first was sold Bonhams, London, 29 July 2004, at 2,400 GBP including buyer's premium. Its provenance was given as the Princely Collections of Liechtenstein.

The second I photographed in the reserve collection at the Focke-Museum Bremen.

At bottom, a scan from Johann F. (Janos) Szendrei's extremely rare book Ungarische kriegsgeschichtliche Denkmäler, Budapest, 1896, p. 379, is attached.
Szendrei describes the illustrated piece of Traubenhagel as 16th c., measuring 19.5 x 5.5 cm overall and weighing 1,100 grams. A central wooden bar of 14 cm height rises from a wooden cylinder, 5 cm high; around this bar iron balls of a caliber of 15 mm are bound in a linen bag.

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