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I'm leaning towards this blade being an antique blade. I don't think the new production blades with the bold birdseye patterning are tempered and have no flex to them at all. You do find bold, active pattern welds in antique Indian swords. I attach 2 pictures of an 18th century Indian saber from my collection. It has one of the boldest patterns I have ever seen. Fact is, you see a huge wide variety of patterns from India but they certainly were capable of this back in the day. Another possibility is Germany. You find many bold pattern welds produced from there. If you have a copy of Sasche book "On Damascus Swords" you can see a wide variety of German pattern welding. This could be another possibility. But if the blade has good flex, is tempered and can take an edge, then I think you have a very nice piece of pattern welded steel. Congratulations!
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