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Just got back from a vacation in Las Vegas. So I decided to pop in on the the Pawn Stars shop. I thought I'd see that ugly Kris they featured on the History Channel the other year(I actually made a post about it on here as well), but instead, to my surprise they had an actual complete Moro Kris on sale. I've attached the images. I asked the lady if I could take a look at it as well as ask for the price(price tag was initially covered). When she told me $250, I was kinda shocked considering everything in there was over priced, I kinda yelled out loud "$250?!" She looked at me like she may have thought that was way too expensive, so she says, "Well we can work on that price and negotiate." I didn't end up getting it. The blade was straight and looked to have been shaved down in order to be polished out. Interesting none-the-less. Well if anyone goes on vacation to Vegas and wants a Kris from a famous TV show for a decent price, this ones up for grabs.
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