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Default My first Tulwar-Disappointment

Hallo to all the members of this forum, after already being a silent reader for a longer time i finally decided to participate in a more active manner.
Iīm a guy from Germany(so sorry for potential grammar mistakes), having Polish roots it didnīt took me too long to come up with an appropriate avatar

So, whatīs the story.....?
Recently i purchased by auction an tulwar that was supposed to be my first item of the planed collection. The pix looked not too bad, so the 85 Euro seemed to be an acceptable prize.

But when it arrived i was quite disappointed, of course i didnīt expect an masterpiece of forging art, but at least a munition grade exemplar with a functional blade for cutting tests.
But from my impression this seems to be a el cheapo tourist wallhanger, even as of an older date.
The blade is made in a quite crude way, with visible forging and grinding marks. Itīs quite flimsy(just bout 3-4 mm at the base), plain and has just an hint of a cutting edge, European 19th century sabers are "sharper" then this. The are no visible maker marks. The hilt is also quite crude and made of very thin metal, but seems to me more genuine then the blade.

As that is my first contact to the world of Indian arms, i have trouble to come to a decisive conclusion. Is this a fake wallhanger blade with a possible old hilt or are basic Indian tulwars often made in in such an plain way, as dull as it is i doubt it its a functional fighting weapon at all
I would appreciate i you give me some advise, there are dozens of old European blades at home but eastern blades is a completely new topic to me.
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