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Default A Very Fine Combined Powder Flask and Wheellock Spanner

Still shaped like the Late-Gothic and Early Renaissance powder horns of natural cattle horn, which came into use again in the 18th century, especially in the U.S. The movable spanner with two different pinion squares, for the different diameters of wheel axes and tightening screws of dog jaws holding the pyrites; also combined with a screwdriver. Two rings for a suspension cord.

Northern Italy, ca. 1560, made for an arquebusier. In my collection.

Of wrought iron throughout, engraved with floral motives and a unique pattern in imitation of stitches of a seam, as they were used on early 16th c. textile covered flasks; here, this originally functional element has become mere decoration. Preserved in fine original condition troughout, retaining almost all of its blued finish.

Fitted with a long belt hook, the powder nozzle to be closed by a wooden stop plug, and with a spring-loaded cut-off lever an the top mount; the top mount lid bearing the nozzle hinged for refills.

I have documented only about a handful of surviving flasks of this kind, some of them preserved in famous collections.

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