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Originally Posted by Mauro
Hi Iain, you are right and I shall post it also on the European blade section. Now we see what the forum says

Salaams Mauro~ Great sword! I have compared it around the forum library to others mainly from Iain and having been over the blade marks registry of Professor Jim and up and down the web to search for V Dan but not much luck.

Would you say that the blade mark V DAN is original ? ( I think so) but that the other mark which looks like a stylised tree of life has been modified and may be either part original and part altered locally. It looks like a local attempt at the Greek Cross/Coptic Cross similar in basic structure to library examples but in almost 3 dimensions since it is out of vertical alignment.X..and without the surrounding circle. The pot from which the apparent tree eminates looks like an altered moon shape altered to a round shape; see drawing below with modifications.

On passing, and nothing to do with this sword, I discovered the old Hausa letter G is a cross with orb beneath it.

Anyway this looks like (always a dangerous situation) a European blade locally adorned / altered in the blade mark.

Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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