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Default Follow up on katzbalger's authenticity (16th century)


According to the last post of Cornelistromp, I have sent yesterday a series of detailed pics (up to 5.5 Mo resolution each !) of my katzbalger to famous Andrew Garcia for expertise (Armor4Sale: Authentication and Valuations of Antique Arms and Armor, including a service of museum restorers). He just replies that, from the pics, this katzbalger is actually all 16th century
This opinion is shared by advised persons or experts in antique swords, such as Juan J. Perez (moderator at Sword Forum International), David Gray, Raymond Tort and Ton Bolk (Bolk Antiques, a leading specialist dealer in Europe of Fine Antique Arms and Armor). Of note, some of them have had the katzbalger in hands.

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