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Originally Posted by kai
Congrats, Detlef, nice one! Please keep us posted when you receive these.

Seems like this year, again, some bids were not honoured and contributed to quite a few pieces going for much less than current market prices or what any straight ebay auction would have gained. I do wonder who commissions these pieces for auction when the auctioneer seems to repeatedly underperform.

Last year I had a confirmed CC and confirmed online bids; I should have been the high bidder on 3 pieces - none of these bids were honoured and all went for much less than my limit. I was not amused and neither were any of the sellers, I guess...

Needless to say, I didn't received any explanation from AI despite several tries from my side. Given the apparently erratic performance, I won't consider selling any piece from my collection through this auction.


Thank you Kai,

will post some more pictures when I have received it. Can add in the moment that it is 25 cm overall.

I was astonished for example that I get the talibon for $ 150 since the highest online bid have been by $ 170 (still I am). It seems that many bids are not honoured this time as well. And agree with you that I never won't consider selling any piece by AI.


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