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Hi Alam Shah. You are right, I guess, if we do the finding and kraton people do the helping.
Originally Posted by Boedhi Adhitya
"Tosan Aji" might means "worthy Iron" or "honourable/respectable/adorable iron". It MUST have such qualities to became worthy/respected ones, not only depends on it's history. The very carefull and cautious traditional collector would then examine the keris history, especially by examining the "fate" of the owner before him. Were the owner life in prosperity or were they doomed with bad luck, living unharmoniously, or eventually, having a disease and death. Once it pass the qualification, then it worth to be called and treated as a Pusaka. That is, we can take "a lesson or benefit(=tuah)" or any spiritual meaning from them, whether it's philosophically, spiritually, or even more, "magically". This lessons/benefits are REAL (now I'm really talking about esoteric ). Any who didn't qualified, while it worth preserving/collecting, should not be treated as pusaka, since they have nothing to share, and thus, no benefit/lesson could be taken. If we receive it as an inheritance, but didn't pass "the exam", then, we should treat it as inheritage, something that connect us to the pass or families or something else, but we shouldn't expect "the lesson/benefit" from them.
This argument may only be understood and accepted with an example and wide explanation, which I think, may take a lot of bandwidths, and should not be tried. Even in the old days, this explanation/understanding would only be teached privately (and still that way today), while the commoners would be only consuming "the myth" and "legends" .

Hi Boedhi Aditya. I'm among whom have witnessed magical things done with keris. How a keris could influence the life of the owner and overthrown the fate and prosperity of the bearer, delicately indicates how people fate sometimes falls before by some keris categorized pusaka. I must disagree and I believe, that, we, human, are the ones who should conquer keris and not vice versa.

From what I know keris as remark of remembrance, is accepted by the bearer, also only if the bearer is willing to do so. There are messages verbally transmitted from the owner to the bearer before the hand over, call it again, mahar, and the bearer is given an opt. It is the decision of the bearer to accept the keris or not and at the same time accept/fulfilled the consequence/mahar. How a keris could decompose the fate of a determined man, where in the positive civilized world of mahar culture could've not been deconstructive, except money?

The words Jimat Ngucap, Pusaka Kandha. Should it be ...Amulet speaks, Keris tells, or ...Amulet and please speaks, Keris and so tells? I think the words context is different of the word lingga, which by necesh referred as mark, where if it's true it means either ...marks or ...marked or ... mark in different contexts. ~IBS
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