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Default More of My Musket - and of a Companion

I bought those in April 1988 and took the photos in August 1990.
Both bear the same Suhl maker's and control barrel marks and are almost one of a kind, apart from some minor differences due to workmanship.
Mine is the one with the pyrite in the dog jaws. I still know where its companion is today.

Those combined mechanism muskets represented 'high tech' 350 years ago and played a decisive role on the Habsburg side in the late Turks Wars and the siege of Vienna in 1683.

The lower six close-ups in the second post, of the barrel marks (on the left flat the Suhl hen with the letter S, in the center the marker's mark initialed 'SI' over a flower, and on the right the SVL stamp, the first and latter both acting as Suhl proof control marks), of the lock area (before I had found a piece of pyrites) and of the interior views of the lock mechanism, are from my musket.

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