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Originally Posted by Boedhi Adhitya
What makes a keris "pusaka" while others are not ? Nechesh had made a good point, one of them is Family Heritage / Heirloom. ...IMHO, pusaka might be interpreted as "Masterpiece". In keris's world, it MUST fulfill BOTH the exoteric and isoteric criterias. It were the Empus who really made some kerises rated as "pusaka" or "ageman", and only Master Empus who able to made such (considered) "powerful" pusaka.

Hi Boedhi Adhitya. I'm confused here, is pusaka, keris with historical values though without exoteric & isoteric criteria fulfilled, or keris with both exoteric & isoteric criteria fulfilled though not yet inherited through generations? I recall that Kyai Klerek is treasured for its historical values instead of what called yoni.

Originally Posted by Boedhi Adhitya
(In fact,most of the court in Java consider a spear/lance as their most powerful pusaka, not the keris).

Sorry if I compare it to (hi)story of battle of Arya Penangsang with keris Setan Kober and lance Kyai Pleret and how the lance could only wound him very badly, and it was the keris said which did the kill.

It is said too that keris (or X-keris) is only used to end a fight instead of used during a fight, sometimes it is also used for executing extra-ordinary casualties of war. I don't know if it's true, was it always keris or lance was sometimes also used?

I'm sure the court in Java have many good reasons. Please verify if I'm wrong. Btw, I read in newspaper that several pusaka of kraton Surakarta are indicated missing. I feel sorry about that, do kraton people have documentation of their pusaka and photograph of the missing ones? I hope that spreading the photo could help finding.~IBS
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