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Originally Posted by broadaxe
This is most interesting. I like blunderbusses as a rule, and lacking information regarding Portuguese arms. I can see the connection here of the well-decorated barrel, to Indonesian Lantakas.
The lock isn't exactly a miquelete, is it?

The miquelete lock is completely another thing. The basic difference is that its main spring is in the outside of the plate. This had the advantage of not having to deeply carve the stock wood, hence not diminishing its strenght. For the same reason such main spring could be sturdier/stronger, something we can observe in most examples.
The action mechanism was also very particular, with its hammer foot operating both half and full cock by means of internal sears passing through the plate, suspending the hammer foot. As this hammer foot had its features similiar to a human sideburn, this lock was named (apart from later miquelete) "patilla" (patilha in portuguese).

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