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Originally Posted by chregu
Hello Ibrahim
Thank you for the information.
The words are sometimes a bit confusing!
Omani Khanjar. Yemeni Jambiyya has to do with the difference of language? because the dagger is indeed the same!

Salaams chregu ~ The different cultural aspects of these previously locked, time warp frozen countries is apparent in the different decorative techniques and designs of the Jambiyya and Khanjar. Yes! there are similarities but the blades are different as the Omani blade is less curved and the Yemeni blade tends to be bigger and the scabbards are highly monumentally developed in the two countries(much more so in the Yemen) for reasons that are not at all clear... but which are under scrutiny . On top of that is the word use which we all know in ethnographic arms and armour is a subject with no beginning and no end. In addition the belts, decorative style, technique and accoutrements are very different.
Therefor, the two daggers, though they are Arabian ethnographic weapons, are treated differently in research terms.
Ibrahiim al Balooshi.
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