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Originally Posted by Montino Bourbon
I notice that your old khanjar has a blade shape that is much more a gradual curve than many that I have seen, which look almost 'angular' in the way the blade bends. Is that a mark of age?

Salaams Montino Bourbon~ True Omani blades are a softer less agressive bend than say some Yemeni Jambiyya blades .. its quite subtle the difference. Certainly neither blade fills the scabbard which are quite curved in the Omani Khanjar and generally Monumental! in Yemeni Jambiyya.
An interesting question remains over the reason for the bend in the Omani Khanjar scabbard ~ Why is it thus bent? at about 90 degrees? I always thought it was design and balance. It appears to have a hidden meaning though I am told I can discover the real reason by lining a certain "in the know" dealers hand with silver... It had better be a decent story !

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