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Thanks, Norman, for your help with IPhoto. I have resized the photos and am attaching one of the crossbow, one of the inscription, and a hand-drawn replica of the inscription, because the photo isn't the same as looking at it under a magnifying glass. When looking at the photo of the inscription, you will notice the battered look of the construction of the surface on which the inscription was placed. Pretty primitive! I can send more photos if anyone is interested, showing more detail The wood is very "wormy", and the construction of the trigger mechanism and the "nut" that hold the steel bowstring are identical to traditional crossbows from the 15th century, as is the "Goat's Foot" lever. In addition, the inscription has elements that are separated by colons, a tradition in the 14th and 15th centuries. Why would a 19th century trap crossbow be so crudely built, and containing 14th century mechanisms rather than the much better trigger mechanisms designed in the 1600's? "Matchlock"..., thanks for your comment. Have you seen others like this? Do you know where they can be found? Are there any in any books or museums that you know of? When I first contacted Royal Armouries, they told me they had never seen one like this before. Many thanks for you help.
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