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I have a nearly identical crossbow, and have spent a lot of time researching it, including buying all the books I can find, and contacting the Royal Armoury at Leeds. They do not have a similar one in their collection. The Last two sales of similar crossbows were Del Mar Ltd in December 2011, and Sotheby's Billingshurst in 1998. The 2011 Del Mar catalog listing copied the Sotheby's listing. It said it was 17th century, probably used for firing incendiaries. Royal Armouries looked at some photos of my crossbow and concluded that it is 18th or 19th century, used for trap or incendiaries. I believe both assumptions are based on trying to explain the "steel bowstring". I believe that both explanations from the "experts" are wrong. I believe that the steel bowstring was used because of the enormous strength required to bend this very thick steel bow. Normal bowstrings couldn't handle the task. Mine has an inscription and appears to be dated 1335. Does your have a mark or inscription? I have a ton of info and many photos. I have never participated in a forum before, and don't know how much info to post, or how many photos to attach. I tried to attach a photo but it is too large. I will reduce it and include it in a separate posting. Jim MacDougald
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