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Default 2 Victorian Lances

just acquired 2 1868 pattern lances. Totally complete with their 'shoe' pieces, leather strap handles and even the leather protective sleeve/handle ....only missing their red/white pennants....I'm more than 'made up'

Markings on the lance head / 'shoe' are faint but have a crown with 'E' below ....I'm assuming an 'Enfield' armoury mark ....a few numbers '94 and '97 assuming they were re-issued 1894 and 1897.

However, the bamboo shafts are also stamped ... with a crown, 73 and 'E' ....1873 ? if so only 5 years from the pattern's first issue.

On one lance the head and shoe have 'T P' marked idea as to reason.

Please any info, comments or discussions on Lances/ Lancers gratefully welcome...

As a footnote ......if I got one more lance would I be a freelance ????

Kind Regards
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