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Michael wrote:

As you have been pressing me (thanks a lot) you will be glad to learn that I have been planning to write a book on my collection and on earliest arsenal firearms and accouterments of ca. 1330-1700 in general, with tons of photos and setting up new, exact and transferable dating criteria - which really would be something never tried by anyone before. 30 years of experience, some 3,000 books and more than 280,000 photos taken in museums all over Europe, including England, and a lot of help from my friends should really suffice to make it a good book. Let's wait and see. A whole lot of work lies before me.

Well Michael, if it has been completed, please tell me how to order one! If not, here is more encouragement, I will make an advance reservation for my copy. I'm certain due to the high cost of putting color photos in hard-copy books, that you would consider an accompanying DVD with the thousands of photos on it. I have seen this done very successfully in a recent book by the Spanish Ministry of Defense on Spanish Naval Cannons. Not only can many more color photos be inserted, but they can be life-sized if desired to maximize detail. The reader has to scroll around to see it all unless they have a room-sized computer screen, but it is certainly worth the effort for large-format original documents, for example.
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