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Default Hand & Half Italian Sword Age?

Hi Guys

I am looking at buying an early, probably c1500 Hand & a Half Italian Plain cruciform guard pitted blade. Sadly I am unable to get better pictures although I have had the sword in my hand and believe it to be authentic. The sword is a Hand and a Half probably out of the Missaglia workshop in Milan. The mark is the same as that used by of Tommaso’s father Petrola Da Missaglia, however the blade appears more 15th century than 14th, perhaps someone kept using Petrolas mark much latter. Petrolas was around 1390 and this blade bares the shoulders that appear more in 16th century examples to my knowledge.

Ref 356 GARDNER, Colonel Robert E. SMALL ARMS MAKERS p356 illustration 1.1433
Ref GYNGELL, Dudley S. Hawtrey ARMOURERS MARKS pp67.

I would be interested in anyone else’s thoughts as to the age of this sword and why it would carry an earlier mark if it is indeed 15th-16th century. The sword does not appear to have been rehilted at any time it looks complete and feels original.

Cheers Cathey
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