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Originally Posted by Jim McDougall
Hi Fernando,
Beautiful example! and the maestro himself, Michael, has well described of course the details of its character. There are few with the knowledge on these that reach the depth of what has been shared by him in his classic thread on these.
All best regards,

Hi Jim,

Once more your praise made me blush, Sir!

I have to admit though to have shared all my knowledge on early Landsknecht swords in this thread, and I will continue updating it the best I can.

A whole lot more than I could ever tell about 16th c. edged weapons I have often tried to share on 14th-17th c. firearms and accouterments though - sadly enough that topic didn't seem to be of similar interest among the community ...
Actually, only my brilliant friends Alexander (Spiridonov), 'Nando, Richard and Rick (and of course YOU, give or take one or two) seem to have cared much so far.

Best from a carryin'-on
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