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Originally Posted by Jim McDougall
Hated to see this one go, its a shame we didnt get images, but thanks Gene for trying regardless. Without the pas d'ane rings, it sounds like this might have been some sort of duelling epee. The only 'C' with crown over it I have found is for 'Zamarado of Toledo' (Palomares) probably 17th c. and in a 'heraldic'type shield cartouche. Perhaps this might have been a Solingen product later?

That said, now this can R.I.P.

Thanks Jim,

I'm in a fix about this. I get a good feeling from it, but it's going to cost me very, very dear to own it and I can't really risk a months wages on a 'good feeling'! lol

I'll have to see that I can do........

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