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Hi Fernando,
Beautiful example! and the maestro himself, Michael, has well described of course the details of its character. There are few with the knowledge on these that reach the depth of what has been shared by him in his classic thread on these. I think the fullering on this blade is intriguing in that it runs the entire lenth of the blade to the point. I am wondering more on the purpose or convention with this, as of course most fullers terminate far before the point.
Also the configuration of the blade and its fullers overall, the short lateral fullers at the forte, and the triple central fullers correspond well with the Solingen blades in the 17th century which became commonly seen on Scottish basket hilts, along typically with the ANDREA FERARA marking. The triple fullers though of course terminated long before the tip.

In many swords and daggers it seems that decoration and detail tend to apply more to the obverse or outward side of the weapon, as the part of course more visible. Is it possible that the writhen character of the guard may have been done in this manner? It may be a moot point, but worthy of note.

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