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Hi ''Nando,

Telling from your good images, I would assume that the blade is the earliest part of the sword. It seems just right in its appearance and proportions, including the short lateral fullers at the base and the central fullers all the way down to the tip, for ca. 1515-20. The patina too is great.

The ovoid pommel with its characteristic bulged shape to me looks like the 1530's, the latest period of Katzbalgers. Though its patina seems consistent with that of the quillons, the latter leave the impression that they might be a later (19th c.?) replacement. The roping, in my opinion, is not explicit enough for a typical period piece; the fact that the roped decoration is only present on one of the quillons might be explained by the surmise that the smith felt it was sufficient just to rope the front part. The general surface of the quillons seem a bit too smooth and 'machine-made' though, at least in my eyes.

Forget about the grip, I would just take off the central bulged area which would add greatly to its impression.

Anyway, I think it is a nice piece and original in at least the main parts which are the blade and pommel. Many of these swords saw secondary use for hundreds of years, and repairs as well as replacements were quite common. Especially the blade looks just as it should, like it saw extensive use.

Congratulations, and best,
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