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Default Katzbalger for comments

I sincerely hope the knowledge members will give me a help here, in order to correctly situate this sword ... as will also welcome any member to favor me with their coments.
I knew the wooden grip was a (modest) replacement when i acquired this sword, but only now i can check that, who did the work, was wise enough not to dismount the pommel, having applied a grip made of two halves.
My top question goes for the guard; with its 17 cms width, looks to me rather large (unproportional) for what i expected Katzbalger guards would be. Could it be that its owner/user ordered a large guard to better protect his hand?
The seller said that the previous owner called this sword a “composite”; would that be related with the guard provenance?
Amazingly only one of the quillons is twisted; is this a typical procedure? i can’t imagine the smith “forgetting” to twist the other quillon.
The pommel looks untouched … at least in a recent past.
The blade looks strong and sound, with its 5 mm thickness, 40 mm width and 87 cms length.
Concerning the age, i was told this is a 16th century Landsknecht sword; am i far away from reality?
Any help will be greatly welcome.

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