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Originally Posted by terry1956
hi chaps, whats the best way of removing rust without wreaking the look of the lock. thanks, michael

Salaams, Try using aluminium foil ~ use as you would use sandpaper. Fold a few pieces up as it falls apart quickly. This works at sub atomic level and though it requires a lot of rubbing it does work. Over on the Ethnographic forum we have a great thread on restoration which hopefully and with more support could become a "Sticky" In my estimation rust has to be the big thing collectors want to eradicate and remove. Did you try dropping the lock into coke cola for a day or two? 0000 grain will shift it also. Olive oil is good as is Sewing Machine or gun oil. For worse rust lemon salt is good. Best preservation afterwards has to be antique preservation wax.(Renaissance Wax)

Aluminium foil ! Marvellous !!

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