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Originally Posted by Matchlock
Hi Chris,

As applying an oil layer on iron before starting any cleaning process has always been the basis of my philosophy, your suggestion sounds fair enough.
I prefer olive oil as it has been a) the historic oil care since at least the invention of firearms some 700 years ago, and b) in my experience provides the thickest and most consistent lubric layer.
Anyway, I would be eager to learn how you define 'patina' compared to 'rust'?
In other words: on what criteria is your method based?

And: why remove patina at all?!


Hi Michael,

Given the form of patina varies from medium to medium, in the context of steel, I would consider 'patina' to be the stabilized, i.e., non-active rust (black/brown vs. the red/brown of active rust).

However, I never remove patina... at least not intentionally! The "try really, really hard" comment was meant tongue-in-cheek, as it would take a lot of pressure and elbow grease to remove stable patina with #0000 (which is why I consider it safe ).

I like olive oil as well, BTW. I think I revert to the 3-in-1 as much out of habit as for anything else, as I prefer like the "feel" of a thinner, lower viscosity liquid. Personal preference I guess...

Best Regards,

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