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Arrow The works of Supowingangun and more

The first keris is the work of Supowinangun, the father of Empu Djeno Harumbrojo, the last living empu today. The keris was commisioned by KRT Puspodiningrat, The son of Prince Puspodiningrat, around 1930. Inherited by the owner today. (the owner certainly not me ! I'm just a "commoner" )
Dhapur : Sinom Wora-wari
Pamor : Ron gendhuru sungsang wengkon (gendhuru leaves, inverted, within border.)
Tangguh : Ngenta-ngenta (the village where Supowinangun came from).

The second is a keris once belongs to KGPA Mangkubumi, the eldest brother of Sultan Hamengkubuwono VII. It was commissioned by the Mangkubumi himself, and the work is done in his own workshop. Thus, the tangguh is Mangkubumen, ca. late 19 c. Inherited by the owner today.
Dhapur : Jalak Sangu Tumpeng.
Pamor : Tri-warna (three color, that is, three different pamor in a blade)
Tangguh : Yogyakarta HB VII - Mangkubumen.

The third is a keris once belongs to GPH Hangabehi, the eldest son of Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII. Even so, this keris was made in Kraton Yogyakarta, commisioned by the Sultan Hamengkubuwono VII himself.
Dhapur : Naga Siluman
Pamor : Ron gendhuru wengkon (Gendhuru leaves, within border)
Tangguh : Yogyakarta HB VII ca late 19 c.

I do sorry for the qualities of pictures. Pictures of older pusaka very hard to get. But I will try to manage it
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