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Now this is a sample that was apparently made in relatively large numbers in some Nuremberg workshop. It shows a coat of arms with 4 quarters in black and white crowned by a crest, a tournament helmet, which has sometimes been attributed to the Hohenzollern Dynasty. I'm not certain, though.This same shield, framed by the famous Nuremberg leafwork (foliate), is known from a few of these samples bearing the date ANNO / 1572 in the white quarters - on this sample shortened to Ao = 1572 and three crosses and a crescent / half moon respectively in the white quarters. There are many identical items known left undated, including one piece in my collection (see image with a low of these flasks in my glass case above). Of course, they can all be contributed to Nuremberg and the early 1570's.

Please note the fine original condition, the mounts retaining much of their original blued finish.

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