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Hi Michael!! Thanks for your reply and thanks for posting yet another wonderful looking flask!! Yes, I see the difference in the design of the valve spring. No problem changing the Title of this Post. Sounds better. Thanks for allowing this 'Nando.
At first, I was somewhat hesitant to dis-assemble the flask. But, inquiring minds wanted to know. By the way........are you not happy that I dis-assembled MY flask instead of one of YOURS? LOL
I wonder how long this paticular style of flask remained in vogue in Germany? Would you say about 1530-1600? I know staghorn flask were popular in Europe through the 1800's. But the similarities of these early examples here is interesting. There are probably no surviving examples with the same engraved design. Do you have a guess as to what/who the figure on my flask is supposed to represent? Thanks again for all your help. Rick.
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