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Hi Rick,
Well done!

I attach a similar but somewhat earlier staghorn flask sold at auction by Stockholm's Auktionsverket im May this year. It is a bit variant in the style of both mounts and engraving and clearly represents the Far Northern taste. THe soldier depicted is engraved all'antica, in the antique Greek or Roman manner with his malchus sword and shield.
On the basis of the spout lid the spring of which is hammered out of the same piece of iron as the lid and just bent back, instead of made separately and then riveted to the grip, as in most of these flasks, I would date it to the 1540's.

Rick, when you authored this thread nobody could imagine what is was to be about. Would you consent if I asked Fernando to change its present title to '16th Century German Staghorn Powderflasks'? I would add more stuff then.

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