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Hi Michael!! Glad you were able to see the photos of the flask dis-assembled. Some how when I posted this last set of photos I accidently deleted my text. Have no idea how I did it?
The flask has been re-assembled now. I even ran a pipe cleaner through it but could not find any powder. Darn However, there was a slight staining inside that did show evidence that powder was once there.
The tiny threaded piece that helped to secure the belt hook: There are actually two threaded pieces, one directly on top of the other, corresponding exactly with the two holes on the outside. A camera could not pick this up.
Both of the broken threaded pieces are old. Under magnafication I could just barely make out where the first pin was ground off (a long time ago) on the belt hook itself and another threaded piece was added (a long time ago) and subsequently broke again.
But, all the pieces are there and working!! It's great that both the measuring and shut off springs are not broke.
Earlier in my Post I mentioned that I was thinking of repairing the tiny pin - yet a third time in it's history. But, this would require drilling out one of the old threaded pieces and "soldering" a new piece on. That would be altering the piece to far. Therefore, I will keep it in it's current condition on display in my collection. Rick.
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