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Wink Mukkara kasthane

Thanks all
Nice collection Vandoo thanks again.
The first two with wooden hilts seem to have been put to some use compared to the last which would more likely been a ceremonial / rank weapon.

Including a few images of an interesting kasthane, this weapon was gifted by king Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe to a chieftain of the Mukkara clan; the Mukkara was a clan of silversmiths but the sword was gifted in honor of guarding a water supply during the war with the Dutch East India company. The sword is well crafted and contain several interesting additions. there is a leopard tooth set in place of a crest between the ears of the lion head. and a peacock motif below the Makara head on the guard is possibly a clan sign as one of the three flags gifted along with the sword is also a Peacock flag. The third interesting and unusual embellishment to the sword is that it contains a figure of a goddess at the base of the guard.
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