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I’m new to the list, but coming from Sri Lanka and for long involved in the study of Sinhala weapons I may be able to add to the discussion.

I am sorry to disappoint you Royston but this piece is definitely a replica like many that are being regularly made by the “antique shops” in the South of Sri Lanka. The brass hilt with a single piece molding for quillons and guards, the low quality blade and blade being fitted to the hilt with rivets are dead giveaways. and I would not be surprised if the blade rattles on the hilt when shaken. this is a recent mass produced item most probably from a antique dealer in Hikkaduwa or benthota towns.

The origins of the “Kastana” sword can be traced reliably to early 16th century and may even go back as far as late 14th century. The Portuguese influence in the name is a good possibility as this was the time of the wars with the Portuguese in Sri Lanka.
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