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Originally Posted by VVV
My other Moro kris has 8 rings which corresponds to the 8 rings in the seal. The problem is that my "new" kris (the one on the picture enclosed above) only has 6.

Maurice, with your ex-mandau we now have 2 of those. based on the 100's of mandau we have in our networks collections as well as the museum databases that still is quite rare. BUT a collector friend of mine (A) told me that maybe it comes from other utensils like the enclosed example from Hose & McDougall Vol 1, p. 229?

Hi Michael,

I don't know about anything about the rings on morokris blades, but in the Borneo part of Juynboll there's a sulu kris with 7 rings in the blade.... (so now we have 6, 7 and 8 rings in appearance.)

Indeed, very rare. Though I think you're rings on the scabbardmouth looks exactly like the motif from Hose & McDougall. Absolutely stunning!
I feel allready sorry for myself I traded mine at that time, though the rings were not that attractively carved as the one that you showed here. :-(

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