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Originally Posted by VVV

I haven't thought about this resemblance before.
Do you think it's the same with the moro symbols, where it's much more often found?


I would be careful assigning the same symbolism here (not that we really know anything more about the meaning of these circles on Moro weapons either). The circle is such a primal and archetypical form that we are bound to see it's use in just about any culture with no really connection to it's use in another. It should also be noted that the circles on this Dayak sheath interlock in a specific and different way than the Moro rings do. I feel fairly certain that the number of rings must hold some significance. Do all these have six rings when seen on Moro weapons? The rings on the Dayak sheath appear to wrap around and continue on the other side. How many rings are present there?
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