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Originally Posted by VVV
Has anyone else resembling motifs as a reference?

No, I can't recall that I've seen these kind of decorations before.
I've searched on my computer, but wasn't able to find likewise shapes.
Note: These are more beautifull carved as simple circles. I really like the artistic way the circles on top of the scabbard are "woven" into eachother.
This is why I like dayak art so much. All pieces have similarities, but all are very unique compared with the other one.

Chinese were also settled in other areas as Sarawak, just as Malay people, who settled along the rivers. Ofcourse more of them you'll find at coastal areas, but also in the heart of Borneo they were settled (the Malay mostly to hide when they didn't obey the law and they were searching for them, and the chinese to trade fabrics and other trinkets with mostly the wandering dayak tribes).

I attached an image of a mandau scabbard I have from Central Borneo, with brass chinese plates used as decoration beneath the ratan knots. (I know, a whole different area, but just to show that the chinese influence were found all over Borneo..)
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